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    GR-1290 Decoration Industry Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

    GR-1290 Decoration Industry Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

    Appliable industries
    1. mainly used for large plastic character cutting, color
        plate engraving, plexiglass engraving & cutting, sign,
        crystal, trophy engraving, authorize brand engraving, ect.
    2. Arts and Crafts: Beautifully carved patterns and words on
        wood, bamboo, ivory, bone, leather, marble, shells and etc;
    3. Leather clothing industry: complex words and graphics
       engraving, cutting carving and hollowing out on leather,
       synthetic leather, artificial leather, cloth and fur. Cutting
       and carving for clothing, underwear, furniture, gloves,
       handbags, shoes, hats, toys, and patterns to be processed.
       Above fashion and showing personality
    4. Model industry: the production of sand table model and aircraft
        model, the ABC plate cutting and multilayer plate cutting;
    5 .Packing industry: engraving on printed rubber plate, plastic
        plate, double-layer plate, die cutter cutting plate;
    6. Product marking industry: nameplate making, anti-counterfeit
        marking, ect
    7. Other industries: tag & paper-cutting engraving on marble,
        granite, glass, crystal and other decorative materials. Greeting
        cards and other paper craft cutting.

    Main feature
    ◆ Adopting a specialized design concept, designed to fit for users
        in different sectors, with reasonable structure, as well as elegant 
        and practical appearance.
    With high-precision mold casting to form a high strength, high
        stability mechanical structure, the computer-controlled movement
        is smooth, fast and high precision with no need to caliber even
        after long-term operation, due to its constant carving precision.
        Adopting such design concept of continuous machine body, to 
        facilitate the material flow through front and rear side, fitting for an
        infinitely long work piece
    Stable perfect design concept. With advanced industrial cooling 
        system, empty-water alarm and automatic protection function to
        improve the stability and safety of the continuous operation.
        Sufficient dustproof and pollution prevention design improves the 
        stability of the machine in a great deal.
    Flying optical path design provides unique structure, small optical
        path deviation, high stability, easy-to-go adjustment. Optical
        components come with superior quality imported K9 reflective
        mirror and a ZnSe focusing mirror with highest
        reflectance / transmittance in similar peers and finer facula and
        stronger cutting force
    DSP Control: Personal Computer PCI bus-based upper control unit
        adopts the world's leading DSP-TMS320, XC2S300 control chip with
        high-speed, stability, and strong anti-interference ability. More
        advanced USB control and Flash Disk (u disk) offline control system
       are optional



    Laser Power


    Laser Type

    CO2 sealed, glass laser tube, water cooling

    Work Area

    1200 X 900 mm

    Cooling Type

    Water-cooled and Protection System

    Engraving Scanning Speed

    0-60000 mm/min

    Cutting Speed


    Laser Output Control

    1-100% Software Setting

    Smallest Character Engraving

    English: 1.0X1.0 mm

    Highest Scanning Precision


    Power Supply

    AC 110-220V±10%, 50-60Hz

    Operating Temperature


    Operating Humidity


    Locating Precision


    Supported File Format


    Compatible Software


    Driving System

    Stepper Electrical Motor

    Package Dimension

    1860X1410X1300 mm

    Gross Weight

    400 KGS

    Optional Spare Parts

    Up-down Worktable, Rotary System, Honeycomb Worktable 

    Removable Spare Parts

    Laser Tube and Lens